A Conversation with Brian Murphy and David Austin

An open conspiracy for social change

I am sharing a link to a podcast hosted by Firoze Manji of Daraja Press on September 2, 2021, presenting myself in conversation with David Austin about the recently re-published Second Edition of Transforming Ourselves, Transforming the World.

Watch here

Listen to the audio version here

You can order the book here

This book is for all those – community workers, adult educators, social activists of every kind – who want to overcome pessimism and play a part in changing society in the direction of peace, justice and dignity for all human beings. As author Brian Murphy— the independent analyst, organizer, educator and writer, and former staff member of the social justice organization, Inter Pares—points out, many of us are pessimistic about our ability to change the world when confronted by destructive political and corporative forces and the destruction they wreak. Murphy reveals the social and personal dilemmas which hold people back from social engagement, and argues that the various constraints we face can be overcome.

David Austin, who contributed the Introduction to this Second Edition of Transforming Ourselves, Transforming the World, is author of Dread Poetry and Freedom: Linton Kwesi Johnson and the Unfinished Revolution; Fear of a Black Nation: Race, Sex, and Security in Sixties Montreal; and the editor of Moving Against the System, The 1968 Congress of Black Writers and the Making of Global Consciousness.

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