The Week’s Links 05/04/20

Over time I have had many requests to make available on a weekly basis a curated list of the links to articles, essays and other material that I share through my ‘radicalroad’ distribution list.  

I have decided to try it out, at least for a while, to see whether folks find it a useful service. To do that I am reviving this blog space, developed some years back, to post a weekly summary of links that folks can access as they wish.

I may also use the space to publish reflections and musings over time, without design or compulsion—the plan when I first set up the blog. We’ll see! 

Below is the first instalment. Since this is the first of these weekly summaries, I am bringing a few significant posts from earlier in the month, for those who may have missed them.

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March 2020 selected posts

Unintended consequences are intended
As today we understand from a mathematical-scientific perspective, ideological thinking is necessarily distorted
By Edward R Dougherty, Asia Times, March 6, 2020
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The world after coronavirus 
This storm will pass. But the choices we make now could change our lives for years to come
by Yuval Noah Harari:  March 20, 2020  |  Financial Times
“In this time of crisis, we face two particularly important choices. The first is between totalitarian surveillance and citizen empowerment. The second is between nationalist isolation and global solidarity.”
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Social Movements in Times of Pandemic: Another World Is Needed
Faced with the glaring need for radical and complex transformation, social movements in times of crisis act differently from protests.
Donatella Della Porta, March 23, 2020,
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States should put human rights at the centre of all responses to COVID-19
CIVICS Media Release, March 24, 2020
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Special Announcement

Firoze Manji and Daraja Press are currently doing a series of interview podcasts on Organising in the times of Covid19. See this link for several of these conversations. More are being posted day-by-day. You can also access through the project’s Facebook page.

March 28 – April 3, 2020

Changes for a post-COVID world?
Proposals for a world with social, environmental and economic justice
Francine Mestrum, 24 March 2020
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Bill Gates’s Charity Paradox
Bill Gates’ renowned charitable activities seem to serve mainly private interests, namely his own. A Nation investigation illustrates the moral hazards surrounding the Gates Foundation’s $50 billion charitable enterprise.
By Tim Schwab, The Nation, Mar 25 2020
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Two new road maps lay out possible paths to end coronavirus lockdowns
Helen Branswell, STAT, 2020/03/ 29
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What explains Covid-19’s lethality for the elderly? Scientists look to ‘twilight’ of the immune system
Sharon Begley, STAT, 2020/03.31
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Rich Man’s Disease
Adewale Maja-Pearce | · LRB 31 March 2020
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In a Pandemic, Should the Experts or the Politicians Be In Charge?
Chiara Ruffa and Kristine Eck 2020/04/01
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Amid coronavirus, private equity-backed company slashes benefits for emergency room doctors
by Lev Facher  2020/04/01/, Stat News
WASHINGTON — A private equity-backed health care company is slashing its doctors’ benefits in response to the coronavirus pandemic, even as many of those same doctors work to treat patients infected with the virus.
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