The Week’s Links 10/04/20

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As coronavirus opens the door to big changes, the left’s most attractive vision faces pushback
For many Americans, it’s time for a system change along the lines of the Nordic model. This has the political establishment deeply worried.
by George Lakey, March 25, 2020, Waging Nonviolence
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The horror films got it wrong. This virus has turned us into caring neighbours
Across the world, Covid-19 has triggered community action on a vast scale. It’s a powerful riposte to both government and private money
by George Monbiot, Tue 31 Mar 2020, The Guardian
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Private equity baron sitting on an empty Philadelphia hospital is in line for huge tax gift in the Covid-19 stimulus
by Akela Lacy, The Intercept, April 1, 2020
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Coronavirus: country comparisons are pointless unless we account for these biases in testing
by Norman Fenton, Magda Osman, Martin Neil and Scott McLachlan (Queen Mary University of London), April 2, 2020, The Conversation  
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Why ‘waging war’ on Coronavirus is a dangerous metaphor
Wars are used as excuses for dismissing concerns for justice or human rights, claiming that these concerns are distractions from the “real” mission. 
by  Susan Sered, Common Dreams, April 03, 2020
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With ventilators running out doctors say the machines are overused for Covid-19
by Sharon Begley, April 8, 2020, STAT
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After 9/11, we gave up privacy for security. Will we make the same trade-off after Covid-19?
Casey Ross, April 8, 2020, STAT
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Africa has a COVID-19 time bomb to defuse
Tolbert Nyenswah, April 6, 2020
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Economic sanctions and Iran’s capacity to respond to COVID-19
by Drianna Murphy; Zhaleh Abdi; Iraj Harirchi; Martin McKee; Elham Ahmadnezhad , The Lancet Public Health, April 06, 2020   
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Martin Khor: The Making of a Global Activist
by Walden Bello, FPIF, April 6, 2020
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Critique in times of Corona
by Illan run Wall, Critical Legal Thinking, 8 April 2020
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What coronavirus can teach us about hope  
In the midst of fear and isolation, we are learning that profound, positive change is possible. 
by Rebecca Solnit,  The Guardian,  April 7, 2020
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And, finally, don’t forget:

Firoze Manji has been doing a series of interview podcasts for Daraja Press on Organising in the times of Covid19. See this link for several of these conversations. More are being posted day-by-day. You can also access through the project’s Facebook page.

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